Gastro Care

Let us manage your Gastro health conditions.

The Intestinal system in the elderly usually plays into other main health complaints. With close to 77 million “Baby Boomers” becoming over the age of 60, the growth of elderly patients is becoming a huge task for the Family Practitioners to manage and unmask symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract. There are certain pathological conditions that only affect the elderly population. Some of these diseases may exist alone or coexist with impaired cognition, depression, and fears of social isolation. We at Patient Care Center provide the proper team of specialist for their specific specialty.

• GI disorders include but limited to:
• Dysphasia in Elderly
• GERD, GASTRITIS, and PPLs in Elderly
• Colorectal Screening and Current Options for Alternatives
• Inflammatory Bowel disease
• Diverticulitis Disease
• Chronic Constipation
• Fecal Incontinence
• Viral Hepatitis
• Abnormal Liver Function
• Anemia
• Malnutrition

Patient Care Center

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